Who is LeaderPharma ?

Created in the United States in 1998, Leaderpharma is the first company introducing American supplements in the European market. Strong of a team of 48 persons, we try hard to answer several criteria very important which make our reputation:

  • -Be uncompromising regarding the quality and performance of our products./li>
  • -Assuring a fast delivery service
  • -Keeping the lowest prices in the market
  • -Respect our clients confidentiality


The online sale of the best American Supplements has increased, very year the number of users has tripled, at the end of 2008 we had 1.8 million visits into our website, within those visits 400,000 were orders.

Leaderpharma: a different point of view of health

There are 2 steps in health :

  • 1)When we are sick, we take medicines so we can get better.
  • 2)To do a balance and to know our deficiencies then use supplements to fill them up in order to be in form all year long.


The first one is the classic one, and let us take care of the problem in a short term.

The second one, let us prevent so we can have a better quality of life. The supplements that we offer let you have a general equilibrium wich increases our chances to live longer and better. Leaderpharma is proud to offer a French version of its products with sales of mélatonine and DHEA.