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Acne Wash is a foaming soap for the face that cleans the skin and fights acne.

Acne Wash was conceived by the AcneFree laboratories and specialized in the treatment for all the types of acne.

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Are you looking for a face skin care product that will help you get rid of all your acne problems?
The solution : Acne Wash, the foaming soap from AcneFree laboratories, will enable you to get healthy skin. Thanks to its single formula, Acne Wash cleans the pores of in-depth skin and eliminates the bacteria that causes the appearance of black heads and pimples.
Acne Wash gives you a feeling of freshness without drying the skin.

Results of Acne Wash Soap

  • Defense against acne and bacteria,
  • Cleans in-depth skin,
  • Doesn't dry the skin.

Active principle of Acne Wash Soap

Acne Wash is composed of the single active ingredient, Salicylic acid, which acts in-depth in the skin to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the appearance of acne.

With AcneFree, get healthy and fresh skin!

Leaderpharma’s advice

In order to optimize the treatment Acne Wash, use the product without interruptions in the morning and evening.
You can use this complementary product Acne Free 3 Steps or Stop Acne.

Composition of Acne Wash Soap

Salicylic Acid 2%

Dosage of Acne Wash Soap

Apply to the face like a foaming soap in the morning and evening.

Precaution of use for Acne Wash Soap

The results of the products vary from person to person depending on factors such as age, gender, physical condition, medication.
The products can never replace the advice from a doctor.
Please observe the recommended daily dose and conditions of use.
Be careful not to extend the use beyond the recommended period.
See all contraindications page

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All products on Leader Pharma are dietary supplements. These supplements can help you as part of a balanced diet and if you don’t exceed the recommended daily dose. The products are not medicine; they can’t cure and can never replace doctor’s instructions.

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