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Antioxidants reduce free radicals which are very dangerous for the metabolism because of their very high oxidizing power.
The antioxidants found in food protect the organic molecules, which are for example fats or DNA, and oxidation; they seem to play a role of protector against the carcinogenesis. It is necessary to absorb antioxidants daily.

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  • Omega 3 1000 mg, Natrol

    Omega 3 1000 mg

    Natrol60 gel

    Omega-3 is a grand classic whose fame increases day by day.It is a perfect ally to everyday life in order to preserve youth and shape.

    Regular Price: €19.40

    Special Price: €14.90

  • Vitamin C 1000 mg, Avalon Organics

    Vitamin C 1000 mg

    Avalon Organics30 ml

    This Vitamin C, conceived by Twinlab laboratories, improves the immune system.
    In the United States, Vitamin C is known for its many benefits.

    Regular Price: €44.90

    Special Price: €27.98

  • Quercetin 500 mg, Natrol

    Quercetin 500 mg

    Natrol50 caps

    Quercetin prevents cardiovascular diseases and acts as a shield to avoid unexpected arrival of cancers, allergies, ulcers, and viral diseases. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory, and an excellent flavonoid antioxidant.

    Regular Price: €24.75

    Special Price: €16.90

  • Coral Calcium, Natrol

    Coral Calcium

    Natrol90 caps

    Coral Calcium, conceived by Natrol laboratories, is the #1 product in the United States. It brings many benefits to the body, in order to improve the well-being.

    Regular Price: €31.59

    Special Price: €18.95

  • CO Q10 100mg, Puritan

    CO Q10 100mg

    Puritan30 gel

    Conceived by Puritan laboratories, this product is very effective for reinforcing the immune system and improves the general health.

    Regular Price: €30.40

    Special Price: €14.98

  • Rhodiola 500mg, Now Foods

    Rhodiola 500mg

    Now Foods60 caps

    Rhodiola is a plant which acts positively on sexual appetite, tonus, and mood.

    Regular Price: €24.80

    Special Price: €18.15

  • L-Carnitine 500 mg, Natrol

    L-Carnitine 500 mg

    Natrol30 caps

    L-Carnitine, conceived by Natrol laboratories, is very effective in its intracellular action.

    Regular Price: €22.25

    Special Price: €14.45

  • Korean Ginseng, Nature's way

    Korean Ginseng

    Nature's way60 caps

    Korean Ginseng is active against fatigue and stress, and effectively regulates the metabolism.

    Regular Price: €35.89

    Special Price: €29.94

  • Lycopene 15 mg, Natrol

    Lycopene 15 mg

    Natrol30 tab

    Lycopene or the tomato secret!
    Very good antioxidant, Lycopene allows you to feel good in your skin and maintain a general good condition. It is part of the carotenoids family.

    Regular Price: €24.59

    Special Price: €19.78

  • Pycnogenol 50 mg, Natrol

    Pycnogenol 50 mg

    Natrol60 caps

    Pycnogenol is an antioxidant, conceived by Natrol laboratories. It has positive effects on periodontal, skin and eye, and cardiovascular problems.

    Regular Price: €67.80

    Special Price: €38.79

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Les antioxydants naturels jouent aussi un rôle essentiel dans la lutte contre le vieillissement. Testez sans attendre leurs bienfaits aux multiples actions. Les propriétés antioxydantes peuvent se trouver également dans d'autres suppléments hormonaux comme la mélatonine et la DHEA des hormones anti-âge naturellement secrétée par notre corps.