Acne treatment

For most of us, regimental personal hygiene helps prevent and treat unsightly pimples. Unfortunately, some people’s skin is more prone to severe acne.
For those skin types a treatment is needed in order to fight this infection.

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  • Acne-Free, University Medical


    University Medical

    Acne Free Proactiv will purify, mattify and beautify your skin!

    Regular Price: €74.90

    Special Price: €29.98

  • Acne Relief, NatraBio

    Acne Relief

    NatraBio60 tab

    Acne Relief is a treatment to fight acne: an alternative to roaccutane.

    Regular Price: €23.45

    Special Price: €18.91

  • Acne-Free Terminator, University Medical

    Acne-Free Terminator

    University Medical28 gr

    Acne medication without a Prescription !

    Regular Price: €34.62

    Special Price: €19.88

  • Scar gel, Derma E

    Scar gel

    Derma E2 oz

    Composed of plant extracts, Scar gel is a non greasy hydrating gel which will make the skin smoother and reduce scars.

    Regular Price: €37.50

    Special Price: €26.97

  • Oxy Spot Treatment, Oxy

    Oxy Spot Treatment

    Oxy90 patchs

    Oxy Spot Treatment: If you suffer from problems of momentary acne, Oxy will be active in 24hrs. Oxy, containing Benzoyl Peroxide, is the anti-acne cream most used in the USA by all ages.

    Regular Price: €27.44

    Special Price: €17.00

  • Pack Anti Acne, University Medical

    Pack Anti Acne

    University Medical3 bouteilles + 28g

    Our exclusive Anti Acne Pack is composed of the two highly effective treatments against blackheads and pimples.
    Acne Free 3 stages, from the Proactiv labs, is associated with Acne Free Severe,helps you immediately regulate your acne problems.

    Regular Price: €105.80

    Special Price: €58.78

  • Acne Wash Soap, University Medical

    Acne Wash Soap

    University Medical175ml

    Acne Wash is a foaming soap for the face that cleans the skin and fights acne.
    Acne Wash was conceived by the AcneFree laboratories and specialized in the treatment for all the types of acne.

    Regular Price: €34.50

    Special Price: €19.95

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