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The origins of stress are numerous: work, relationships, kids, etc… Any new or traumatizing situation can provoke a reaction of stress. This particular condition may have serious repercussions (coronary diseases, stomach ulcers, and depression). The effects on sleep are detrimental to your health causing endless nights which will effect daytime performance. The products in this category will allow you to regain serenity and the necessary peace of mind for your sleep.

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  • Selenium 500 mcg, Natravea Laboratories

    Selenium 500 mcg

    Natravea Laboratories60 caps

    Selenium is an indispensable trace element for the well-being, and brings to your body all its benefits; as a result your general health will considerably improve.

    Regular Price: €19.95

    Special Price: €11.78

  • Breathe Right, Glaxosmithkline

    Breathe Right

    Glaxosmithkline44 bandes

    The nasal strips Breathe Right position outside on the nose to facilitate breathing.
    The nasal strips Breathe Right makes the whirrs and relieves the nasal congestions disappear immediately.

    Regular Price: €36.75

    Special Price: €24.75

  • Vein Gard Cream, Natural Care

    Vein Gard Cream

    Natural Care64 caps

    Vein Guard Cream protects the veins and works effectively on problems related to tired, sore, and heavy-feeling legs.

    Regular Price: €53.89

    Special Price: €38.75

  • St John's-wort 350 mg, Nature's way

    St John's-wort 350 mg

    Nature's way180 caps

    St John's-wort, conceived by Nature’s Way laboratories, considerably improves the well-being and has soothing effects.

    Regular Price: €37.29

    Special Price: €24.90

  • Serotain 100mg, Natrol

    Serotain 100mg

    Natrol60 caps

    Conceived by Natrol laboratories, Serotain stabilizes sleep, mood, and appetite.
    Serotain is a completely natural product with no side effects.

    Regular Price: €45.10

    Special Price: €29.97

  • L-Tryptophane 500mg, Source Natural

    L-Tryptophane 500mg

    Source Natural60 caps

    The L-Tryptophan 500mg from source Natural’s is an essential amino acid that plays a part in the synthesis of both melatonin and serotonin, hormones involved with mood and stress response. This amino acid helps support relaxation and restful sleep, which enhance a positive mood.

    Regular Price: €31.50

    Special Price: €21.95

  • SAF, Natrol


    Natrol90 caps

    Conceived by Natrol laboratories, SAF is an excellent ally that fights against anxiety and stress.

    Regular Price: €43.99

    Special Price: €34.10

  • Theanine avec Serotonine, Natrol

    Theanine avec Serotonine

    Natrol60 tab

    Conceived by Natrol laboratories, Theanine will give you a sensation of well-being.
    It is designed to support calmness and relaxation without drowsiness.

    Regular Price: €37.85

    Special Price: €29.97

  • Valerian root, Nature's herb

    Valerian root

    Nature's herb100 caps

    Valerian Root: 100% natural alternative to sleeping pills!
    Overcome insomnia and anxiety.

    Regular Price: €20.59

    Special Price: €14.95

  • 5 HTP 100 MG, Natrol

    5 HTP 100 MG

    Natrol45 caps

    From Natrol Laboratories, 5-HTP's action is similar to Prozac, although it is 100% natural.

    Regular Price: €21.45

    Special Price: €19.89

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Les produits anti-stress et les traitements contre l'insomnie vous aideront à retrouver la sérénité et la quiétude nécessaire a votre sommeil. Chacun des produits anti-stress proposés a été rigoureusement sélectionné parmi les meilleurs produits distribués par les plus grands laboratoires américains.