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  • Insomnia relief, NatraBio

    Insomnia relief

    NatraBio60 tab

    Conceived by Natrabio Laboratories, Insomnia Relief is a natural product that helps with insomnia symptoms.

    Regular Price: €22.80

    Special Price: €18.70

  • 5 HTP 100 MG, Natrol

    5 HTP 100 MG

    Natrol45 caps

    From Natrol Laboratories, 5-HTP's action is similar to Prozac, although it is 100% natural.

    Regular Price: €21.45

    Special Price: €19.89

  • Valerian root, Nature's herb

    Valerian root

    Nature's herb100 caps

    Valerian Root: 100% natural alternative to sleeping pills!
    Overcome insomnia and anxiety.

    Regular Price: €20.59

    Special Price: €14.95

  • Theanine avec Serotonine, Natrol

    Theanine avec Serotonine

    Natrol60 tab

    Conceived by Natrol laboratories, Theanine will give you a sensation of well-being.
    It is designed to support calmness and relaxation without drowsiness.

    Regular Price: €37.85

    Special Price: €29.97

  • SAF, Natrol


    Natrol90 caps

    Conceived by Natrol laboratories, SAF is an excellent ally that fights against anxiety and stress.

    Regular Price: €43.99

    Special Price: €34.10

  • Serotain 100mg, Natrol

    Serotain 100mg

    Natrol60 caps

    Conceived by Natrol laboratories, Serotain stabilizes sleep, mood, and appetite.
    Serotain is a completely natural product with no side effects.

    Regular Price: €45.10

    Special Price: €29.97

  • St John's-wort 350 mg, Nature's way

    St John's-wort 350 mg

    Nature's way180 caps

    St John's-wort, conceived by Nature’s Way laboratories, considerably improves the well-being and has soothing effects.

    Regular Price: €37.29

    Special Price: €24.90

  • L-Tryptophane 500mg, Source Natural

    L-Tryptophane 500mg

    Source Natural60 caps

    The L-Tryptophan 500mg from source Natural’s is an essential amino acid that plays a part in the synthesis of both melatonin and serotonin, hormones involved with mood and stress response. This amino acid helps support relaxation and restful sleep, which enhance a positive mood.

    Regular Price: €31.50

    Special Price: €21.95

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