Super Collagen + C Neocell

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Thanks to its new complete formula, Super Collagen + C diminishes existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones, while assuring firmness of the skin.

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Thanks to collagen, the epidermis and active body tissues are maintained in good condition.
Present in skin tissues, it is also found in breast implants, band-aids, artificial skin, as well as treatments for wrinkles and scares.

Due to its good hydrating effects, collagen revitalizes cells. It’s biocompatible; therefore, it will soften the epidermis tissues and reduce wrinkles. The skin will be more firm, flexible, and resist better to different tensions.

Moreover, collagen is found in muscles, vital organs, ligaments, joints, and hair.

Tiredness, more sensitivity to pain, and a low tonus, are results from collagen deficiency.

It can be safely applied on all body parts. Results are immediate, you will notice softening of tissues right after application.

Super Collagen + C is composed of 100% collagen, which prevents eventual deficiencies.

When we absorb Super Collagen + C, an enzymatic transformation occurs in the form of amino-acid, which allows molecular weight to be minimal so that the product is fully exploited.

Super Collagen + C will improve skin flexibility, diminish wrinkles and prevent new ones from appearing, improve the condition of hair, nails, blood circulation, teeth and gums.

Super Collagen + C is an innovative product which supplies the necessary amount of collagen to the body.

Composition of Super Collagen + C

Super collagen protein derived from 100% pure food grade collagen – ascorbic acid (vitamin- C) – stearic acid and/or magnesium stearate.

Dosage of Super Collagen + C

3 tablets twice per day, preferably on an empty stomach
For a maximum effectiveness, do not drink or eat 30 minutes before and after.

Precaution of use for Super Collagen + C

Less than 18 years old.
The results of the products vary from person to person depending on factors such as age, gender, physical condition, medication.
The products can never replace the advice from a doctor.
Please observe the recommended daily dose and conditions of use.
Be careful not to extend the use beyond the recommended period.
See all contraindications page

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