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Weight loss

Want to slim down, get back in shape, and maintain your body ?
With Leader Pharma it's possible! Our selection of dietary and nutritional supplements have gained popular recognition in the USA.

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  • Leptopril, Generix Laboratoiries


    Generix Laboratoiries95 caps

    Leptopril was conceived by Generix laboratories to fight against obesity.
    Leptopril contents a slimming drug formula, which does not contain any stimulants and is very well-known in the United States.

    Regular Price: €63.55

    Special Price: €34.95

  • Ronaxil - Super Fat Burners Extreme, Samda Nutraceuticals

    Ronaxil - Super Fat Burners Extreme

    Samda Nutraceuticals60 caps

    Ronaxil is a weight loss supplement natural and safe.
    Ronaxil contains Authentic Hoodia, Green Tea, and other energy boosting ingredients.

    Special Price until August 30th

    Regular Price: €64.40

    Special Price: €29.78

  • Xenadrine Extreme XT, Cytogenix

    Xenadrine Extreme XT

    Cytogenix120 caps

    Xenadrine RFA 1 (the new Xenadrine EFX) is a new patented formula which enhances the body thermogenesis, without ephedrine.
    Xenadrine RFA 1 is a slimming aid that has proven effective!

    Regular Price: €74.40

    Special Price: €49.90

  • Stimopril, Samda Nutraceuticals


    Samda Nutraceuticals60 caps

    Stimopril was conceived by Samda laboratories to fight against obesity.
    Stimopril is the new generation of supplements, a hyper slimming drug formula, with no stimulants !

    Regular Price: €83.26

    Special Price: €34.86

  • Minceur Xtra, Natravea Laboratories

    Minceur Xtra

    Natravea Laboratories30 caps

    Minceur Xtra : le complément alimentaire qui allie coupe-faim et brûleur de graisse pour une action renforcée et des résultats visibles !
    Une Exclu Leaderpharma ! Profitez de notre offre Promo

    Regular Price: €44.95

    Special Price: €29.70

  • Zantrex 3, Zoller

    Zantrex 3

    Zoller84 caps

    Zantrex 3 is an innovative product well-known in the United States for its astounding weight loss effect.

    Zantrex 3 : Weight Loss with an Incredible Energy !!

    Regular Price: €54.94

    Special Price: €32.90

  • Green Tea Diet, Schiff

    Green Tea Diet

    Schiff90 tab

    Green Tea Diet is a very effective nutritional supplement which allows you to stay thin.
    Green Tea Diet, conceived by Schiff laboratories, promotes weight loss.

    Regular Price: €35.25

    Special Price: €28.90

  • Cla - Tonalin Cla 1200mg, Natrol

    Cla - Tonalin Cla 1200mg

    Natrol90 gel

    Tonalin Cla brings balance between muscles and fats.

    Regular Price: €31.35

    Special Price: €23.99

  • Chitosan 500 mg, NSI

    Chitosan 500 mg

    NSI240 caps

    Chitosan 500mg is a product manufactured with shellfish carapaces, which absorb greases directly in the stomach before they are processed by the organism.
    This action allows you to control your wight and your cholesterol level.

    Regular Price: €46.89

    Special Price: €24.95

  • Chitosan 500mg PROMO , Natravea Laboratories

    Chitosan 500mg PROMO

    Natravea Laboratories60 caps

    Source Natural laboratories has launched a natural fiber extracted from the carapace of seafood. Chitosan absorbs more than 12 times the fat weight and acts on them like a magnet: it attracts fat which you have eaten during the meal just before you have them digested. This unique formula combines chitosan with a proprietary blend of glucomannan, psyllium seed husks, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin. Fiber helps food pass through the intestines faster, serves as a bulk forming agent and encourages colon health by helping to speed food through the digestive system.

    Regular Price: €24.99

    Special Price: €17.99

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Parce que chaque personne à un objectif minceur différent, LeaderPharma offre une gamme de produits minceur très complète : des crèmes amincissantes, des crèmes anti-celluite, des brûleurs de graisse et des coupe-faim. Pour perdre du poids et en compléments de vos suppléments diététiques, conservez bien sûr une alimentation saine et pratiquez de l' exercice !