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Weight loss

Want to slim down, get back in shape, and maintain your body ?
With Leader Pharma it's possible! Our selection of dietary and nutritional supplements have gained popular recognition in the USA.

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  • Cortimin, NSI


    NSI60 caps

    Cortimin is an innovative weight loss Aid which fights appetite excess and helps the metabolism burn fat more rapidly.
    Cortimin reduces stress and has an effective action against excess weight.

    Regular Price: €36.70

    Special Price: €23.80

  • Ripped Fuel Extreme, Twinlab

    Ripped Fuel Extreme

    Twinlab60 caps

    Ripped Fuel will supply you with the necessary energy during weight loss diet or physical effort.

    Regular Price: €44.50

    Special Price: €29.90

  • Chromium 500 mg, NSI

    Chromium 500 mg

    NSI300 tab

    Chromium is a very useful trace element during dieting.
    Chromium stabilizes cholesterol and glucose levels present in the blood.

    Regular Price: €32.35

    Special Price: €23.26

  • Hydroxycut max, Muscletech

    Hydroxycut max

    Muscletech120 caps

    Extreme Strength Weight Loss For Women
    amplifies Women's Key Fat-burning Hormone

    Hydroxycut Max : Burns Calories and Bodyfat Fast!
    Hydroxycut Max brand new exclusive and improved 2010 formula! Hydroxycut Max New 2010 formula just arrived!

    Regular Price: €48.93

    Special Price: €33.75

  • Fucoxanthin avec Pinnothin, Nutraceutics

    Fucoxanthin avec Pinnothin


    Fucoxanthin, avec Pinnothin des Laboratoires Nutraceutical, est un anti-oxydant, à base de produits naturels asiatiques, qui régule et contrôle notre appétit. Il diminue la faim, brûle les graisses, et favorise la perte de poids.

    Regular Price: €58.75

    Special Price: €29.95

  • Xenadrine Cleanse Plus including Acai, Cytogenix

    Xenadrine Cleanse Plus including Acai

    Cytogenix21 sachet

    Cytogenix laboratories has developed the drink Xenadrine Cleanse Plus including Acai with a main goal: get rid of the bad elements imprisoned in your digestive system, to burn greases and to lose weight.

    Regular Price: €39.79

    Special Price: €29.50

    Out of stock

  • Pure Citrimax, Natrol

    Pure Citrimax

    Natrol90 cápsulas

    Pure Citrimax is your daily ally to help you loose weight and reduce sensation of hunger.

    Regular Price: €34.50

    Special Price: €23.96

  • Pack Zantrex 3 + Hoodia Gordonii, Zoller

    Pack Zantrex 3 + Hoodia Gordonii

    Zoller84 + 120 caps

    Zantrex 3 is an innovative supplement well-known in the United States.

    Powerful appetite suppressant, Hoodia Gordonii treats weight loss problems naturally and effectively.

    Regular Price: €119.66

    Special Price: €44.83

  • Guarana 1200mg, Puritan

    Guarana 1200mg

    Puritan90 caps

    Guarana 200 mg, conceived by the Natrol labs, is an essential natural supplement that will help you loose weight and fight tiredness, whether it is physical or mental.

    Regular Price: €28.50

    Special Price: €11.99

  • Carb Intercept Phase 2, Natrol

    Carb Intercept Phase 2

    Natrol60 tab

    Carb Intercept Phase 2 is an effective and innovative product, as well as a food ally for a low-carbohydrate diet, conceived by Natrol laboratories.

    Regular Price: €39.60

    Special Price: €28.90

Items 11 to 20 of 21 total

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Parce que chaque personne à un objectif minceur différent, LeaderPharma offre une gamme de produits minceur très complète : des crèmes amincissantes, des crèmes anti-celluite, des brûleurs de graisse et des coupe-faim. Pour perdre du poids et en compléments de vos suppléments diététiques, conservez bien sûr une alimentation saine et pratiquez de l' exercice !