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Xenadrine RFA 1 (the new Xenadrine EFX) is a new patented formula which enhances the body thermogenesis, without ephedrine.
Xenadrine RFA 1 is a slimming aid that has proven effective!

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Conceived by Cytodyne laboratories, Xenadrine RFA 1 contains the best weight loss ingredients.

Xenadrine RFA 1 activates the fat burning process for losing weight significantly, and without weakening, while preserving muscle mass.

Xenadrine RFA 1 is the most performing weight loss product on the market.

Results of Xenadrine Extreme XT

  • Burn grease
  • Provides energy necessary throughout the day
  • Prevent the reformation of lubricating cells

Active principle of Xenadrine Extreme XT

Its concentrated formula containing plants penetrates in the middle of the lubricating cell. Xenadrine FRG 1 then makes it possible to burn the grease inside the cells by increasing the temperature of the body.

Xenadrine RFA 1 : 15 years of research to lead to an efficient weight loss supplement.

Leaderpharma’s advice

Xenadrine RFA 1 is the new version of xenadrine EFX.
Xenadrine RFA X is the new version of xenadrine NRG.
Which to choose? Xenadrine RFA 1 is addressed to the general public whereas Xenadrine RFA X is intended for sportsmen.
To multiply the slimming effect of Xenadrine FRG 1, it is recommended to have light meals the evening (Normal Breakfasts and lunches) and to follow a balanced diet.

Composition of Xenadrine Extreme XT

Vitamine B (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 1 mg, Vitamine B 6 mcg, Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium d-pantothenate) 20 mg, RFA-X Proprietary Blend 1127 mg ( Oxiburn- Green Tea leaf extract (as camellia sinensis standardized to 45% EGCG 75% Catechins 90% ploypherols), Caffeine anhydrous, Theobroma cacao seed extract standardized to 8% theobronine, Coffea arabica seed extract standardized to 25%chlorogenic acid supplying 300 mg of caffeine. Myodrene (L-leucine, N-acetyl l-tyrosine, Cynara scolymus aerial parts extract standardized to 5% cynarine, Bacopa monnieri aerial parts extract standardized to 20% bacosides. CytoShred (Cissus Quadrangularis stem and leaf extract standardized to 1.35% astaxanthin. CytoMelt (Yohimbine HCI, Wasabia japonica root, Raspberry ketone, Quercetin dihvdrate (as Fava d?anta), Capsicum annuum fruit. Ampli FX (Willow bark (as Salix sp), Coleus forskholii root extract standardized to 10% Forskolin, Zingiber officinale root extract standardized to 5% Gingerols and shogoals, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) Bitartrate.

Dosage of Xenadrine Extreme XT

Take two capsules in the morning (at breakfast), and two at noon with a big glass of water.
Do not take it in the evening.

Precaution of use for Xenadrine Extreme XT

Pregnant or breast-feeding women<BR>Children less than 18 years old<BR>Asthmatics or subject to hypertension and cardiac problems.
The results of the products vary from person to person depending on factors such as age, gender, physical condition, medication.
The products can never replace the advice from a doctor.
Please observe the recommended daily dose and conditions of use.
Be careful not to extend the use beyond the recommended period.
See all contraindications page

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All products on Leader Pharma are dietary supplements. These supplements can help you as part of a balanced diet and if you don’t exceed the recommended daily dose. The products are not medicine; they can’t cure and can never replace doctor’s instructions.

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